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 Success story from Prozor Rama
European market as a result of dedication

Faced with unemployment, Mirza Đogić of Prozor Rama decided to start a business 21 years ago in the hope that it would provide livelihoods for his large family. Today, Mirza is the owner of a company synonymous with quality products on the European Union market. For several hundred families in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this business […]

Tešanj’s “Madi” installs one of the largest solar power plants in BiH, with the support of the European Union

Tešanj-based Madi, as one of the leaders in the food industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, now owns the largest solar power plant intended for its own needs. Assistance in the implementation of this project vital not only for Madi, but also the wider community, came through the EU4AGRI project. “When we faced problems with procurement […]

“Meggle BH” improves its production process with the helping hand of the European Union

Meggle BH is one of the most successful companies in the production of dairy products on the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to the introduction of innovative approaches in work, and compliance with high production standards, a blue clover on white and blue packaging of various dairy products is now a household name for […]

From the south of Herzegovina, Farmavit: Pioneering steps towards an unchallenged market leader

A small town of Ljubinje in the south of Herzegovina is a home to the Farmavit company, a producer of unique garlic products, homegrown in sunny Herzegovinian fields. They started their pioneering steps three years ago, and today they have become the unchallenged leaders in garlic production in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. “The area […]


As a part of the EU-funded EU4AGRI project, a new Public Call of BAM 3.2 million has been launched to support investments in processing and marketing of agri-food products. Eligible applicants include crafts, entrepreneurs, cooperatives and companies, micro, small and medium enterprises, and all projects related exclusively to the production of food products for human […]

EU4AGRI gathered 30 winemakers from BiH

EU4AGRI in Paoča on March 21, 2022. held a workshop for about 30 winegrowers / winemakers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The topics of the workshop were the rules of integrated production in the production of grapes and wine, modern mechanization for integrated production and certification schemes. The aim of the workshop was to improve the […]

Finalized activities on the development of technical specifications for the development of viticultural and wine registers in BiH

A two-day seminar within the EU4AGRI project was organized in Mostar from 23 to 24 March 2022, during which, in cooperation with representatives of the competent institutions for the viticulture and winemaking sector, activities on drafting technical specifications for wine and wine registers were finalized. BiH. Also, as part of the seminar, the necessary forms […]

Preliminary list of selected beneficiaries under the Public call for potential responsible parties under the support measure for investments in processing capacities and marketing of agri-food products

On 4th October 2021, EU4AGRI together with EU4AGRI-Recovery and EU4BUSINESS Recovery, have published the public call for the interested responsible parties under the support measure for the investments in processing capacities and marketing of agri-food products. After closing the public call on 3rd December 2021, a total of 28 applications were received. Following the expiration […]

EU4Business: Home is the place to be, European Union supports farmers in Posavina

The Leovac family from Domaljevac makes a living from working in the fields. In this family, the love for growing cereals and dedication to work is passed down for generations. Thanks to the help of the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany, the Leovac family in 2020 managed to sow wheat and thus […]

EU4AGRI: With the help of the European Union, farmers continue to grow quality cereals

The wheat fields that stretch across the Dubica plain are the second home for Živko Kavedžija. This 27-year-old young man from Kozarska Dubica has been growing wheat, corn and soybeans for the last ten years. Harvest time for him is the most beautiful period of the year as he gets to reap the golden fruits […]