A two-day seminar within the EU4AGRI project was organized in Mostar from 23 to 24 March 2022, during which, in cooperation with representatives of the competent institutions for the viticulture and winemaking sector, activities on drafting technical specifications for wine and wine registers were finalized. BiH. Also, as part of the seminar, the necessary forms and a draft guide/methodology for register control were presented, which are being developed with the support of experts from the Czech Republic.

The aim of this workshop was to present and inform the representatives of the inspectorates of both entities and BD BiH about the work done so far and completed work on the development of registers, in order to meet the needs of the inspectorate, in order to define the final ministries and institutions at all levels in BiH that are responsible for this sector.

The seminar was attended by 25 participants, and in the coming period, technical consultations on the final proposal and specialized practical training in the Czech Republic are planned, in order to help further harmonize the sector with the legislation of the European Union.