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European Union Support to Agriculture Competitiveness and Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina

European Union Support to Agriculture Competitiveness and Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina  (EU4AGRI) Project is a four-year initiative (2020-2024) that aims to modernize agri-food sector, create new jobs, as well as retain existing ones, and support recovery from crisis caused by COVID-19 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The EU4AGRI project is primarily funded by the European Union (EU) under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). Worth EUR 20 million, the project is implemented and co-funded jointly by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Czech Development Agency (CzDA).


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EU4AGRI i EU4AGRI-Recovery projekti

All projects

Fruits and vegetables

Milk and diary






Meat industry


Poultry and eggs

Market infrastructure

Medical herbs

Local governance

Advisory services


Processing of mushrooms

All projects

Fruit and vegetables

Meat industry

Honey processing

Fish processing

Fruit and vegetbles

Broj podržanih projekata: 12

Ukupna vrijednost: 2.268.830

Odobrena bespovratna sredstva: 2.237.970

Milk and diary products

Number of supported projects: 16

Total value: 2.780.387 KM

Total project support: 1.618.674 KM

Local governence

Number of supported projects: 3

Total value: 521.560,12 KM

Total project support: 442.942,91  KM


Number of supported products: 2

Total value: 199.947 KM

Total project support: 146.687 KM


Number of supported products: 3

Total value: 1.165.460 KM

Total project support: 548.015  KM

Meat industry

Number of supported projects: 10

Total value: 4.266.925 KM

Total project support: 2.068.108  KM


Number if supported projects: 2

Total value: 609.551 KM

Total project support: 378.610  KM

Poultry and eggs

Number of supported projects: 1

Total value: 66.580 KM

Total project support: 43.277  KM

Market infrastructure

Number of supported projects: 12

Total value: 3.950.793 KM

Total project support: 2.699.185  KM

Medical herbs

Number of supported  projects: 1

Total value: 434.389 KM

Total project support: 281.832  KM

Advisory service

Number of supported projects: 6

Total value: 234.983 KM

Total project support: 230.948,02  KM


Number of supported projects: 2

Total value: 313.167,28 KM

Total project support: 263.900,58  KM

Proccesing of mushrooms

Number of supported projects: 2

Total value: 912.756,44 KM

Total project support: 547.653,86  KM

1 .350
Number of supported agri-food operators through EU4AGRI & EU4AGRI-Recovery
Small farmers
Legal/physical entities
Local self-government unit
15 .55
million total investment through EU4AGRI project
26 .15
million total investment

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