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Jedini ovlašteni i službeni kanali za prezentaciju Javnih poziva jesu prezentacije i informativne sesije koje organizuje projektno osoblje EU4AGRI i EU4AGRI-Recovery projekata. Napominjemo da nije dozvoljeno obavljati javne prezentacije Javnih poziva bez prethodnog pismenog odobrenja EU4AGRI i EU4AGRI-Recovery Projekta.

The grant investment package


EU4AGRI project consists of two components:

Grant investment package

A total allocation of EUR 14.8 million is planned for grant investment support

Technical assistance.

Technical assistance is set to enable investment support implementation

Grant investment package

Total of EUR 14.8 million will be allocated for grant investment package targeting agri-food sector competitiveness in three areas:

  1. Investment in primary production and processing capacities to strengthen market efficiency; 
  2. Strengthening advisory and extension services to increase knowledge sharing and skills development ;
  3.  Strengthening and diversifying the rural economy.

The grant investment package will serve as project financing mechanism to effectively support beneficiaries and achieve the set targets.

Grant investment package will be distributed through public calls for proposals. Preliminary list of public calls for proposals can be downloaded

Technical assistance

Technical assistance is set to enable investment support implementation, while engaging institutional partners and ensuring anchoring of relevant knowledge, skills and practices for result-oriented public policy delivery. Project will work on strengthening public advisory services and upgrading the agriculture information systems, which should contribute to wider availability and higher quality of services provided. Project will also offer support for policy and regulatory improvements in line with priorities for European Union accession.

EU4AGRI works closely with institutional partners from all relevant levels through adequate project structures and cooperates with all other counterparts, including academia, non-state actors, private sector and media.
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