On 6 May 2021, EU4AGRI Project has published the Call for investments to improve and develop rural/local market infrastructure, which was open until 18 June 2021.

Following the expiration of the deadline for submission of applications, the Evaluation Commission conducted the evaluation of all 41 applications based on the administrative, general, special and qualitative criteria of the public call along with business plan evaluation and field verification visits.

Based on the evaluation of the received applications, the Evaluation Commission suggested the preliminary list of 6 applications for funding through the EU4AGRI project.

The preliminary list of applications selected for funding can be found below. The order of selected applications does not represent the ranking.

Applicant’s name Selected application
Grad Trebinje YES
Grad Gračanica YES
Grad Livno YES
Opština Mrkonjić Grad YES
Opština Bosanski Petrovac YES
Grad Banja Luka YES

The list of applicants who were not selected for funding:

Applicant’s name Selected application
Opština Vlasenica NO
Općina Stolac NO
Općina Velika Kladuša NO
Grad Mostar NO
Grad Ljubuški NO
Grad Široki Brijeg NO
Općina Odžak NO
Opština Stanari NO
Opština Novi Grad NO
Općina Kladanj NO
Grad Gradačac NO
Grad Bijeljina NO
Opština Modriča NO
Opština Gacko NO
Opština Foča NO
Opština Rogatica NO
Opština Istočna Ilidža NO
Opština Jezero NO
Opština Prnjavor NO
Opština Srbac NO
Općina Čelić NO
Opština Šamac NO
Opština Petrovo NO
Opština Nevesinje NO
Opština Istočni Stari Grad NO
Opština Rudo NO
Općina Breza NO
Opština Kalinovik NO
Opština Brod NO
Grad Cazin NO
Općina Žepče NO
Općina Kupres NO
Grad Bihać NO
Općina Trnovo NO
Općina Maglaj NO

In addition to publishing the preliminary list of selected applications on UNDP and EU4AGRI web sites, as indicated in the public call guidelines for applicants, all applicants will be informed in writing about the results of the public call. In the aforementioned written notice, all applicants will receive individualized comments for the submitted applications.

The applicants may file a complaint, as described in the public call Guidelines for Applicants. The deadline for filing a complaint is 12 October 2021 17:00 o’clock. Complaints must be delivered in a sealed envelope by registered mail, courier or in person (signed and dated confirmation will be given to the person who personally submits the application) to the following address:

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

EU4AGRI Project
Zmaja od Bosne bb
71 000 Sarajevo

Complaints delivered by another means (e.g. by fax or e-mail) will not be taken into consideration.

The final selection list will be published on the UNDP website http://www.ba.undp.org/ and on the project page https://eu4agri.ba/ as stated in the Guidelines for applicants after review of the Complaints Commission.