On 4th October 2021, EU4AGRI together with EU4AGRI-Recovery and EU4BUSINESS Recovery, have published the public call for the interested responsible parties under the support measure for the investments in processing capacities and marketing of agri-food products.

After closing the public call on 3rd December 2021, a total of 28 applications were received. Following the expiration of the deadline for submission of applications, the Evaluation Commission conducted the scoring of all applications according to the administrative, general, special and qualitative criteria of the public call.

Based on the evaluation of the received applications, the Evaluation Commission suggested the preliminary list of seven selected applications for funding through the EU4AGRI, EU4AGRI-Recovery and EU4BUSINESS Recovery.

The preliminary list of selected applications can be found below. Applications are not shown according to the number of points earned.

Applicants nameSelected application
Obrt Očuz VisokoYES
Mesna industrija “VIMES” d.o.o. VisokoYES
Salmon d.o.o. LjubuškiYES
Bonatura d.o.o. TešanjYES
Mesna industrija „MI TRIVAS“ d.o.o. PrnjavorYES
Mlin Ivo & Bele d.o.o. Oštra Luka, OrašjeYES
Beemed d.o.o. TuzlaYES

List of applications not selected for the preliminary list:

Applicants nameSelected application
Zlatni Med d.o.o. Sanski MostNO
Mushroom d.o.o. ČelinacNO
Mljekara Dule d.o.o. Srednji DragaljevacNO
Maglov Funghi d.o.o. ČelinacNO
Mujanovići d.o.o. VogošćaNO
Bašo d.o.o. Velika KladušaNO
Bilje i ljekobilje d.o.o. SokolacNO
Frutti-Funghi d.o.o. VisokoNO
Semko d.o.o. VisokoNO
Vinarija ŠkegroNO
Agropot d.o.o. Banja LukaNO
Vrganj Promet d.o.o. BužimNO
Herbos Nature d.o.o. SarajevoNO
Eko Sir Puđa d.o.o. LivnoNO
MPI „MLIN“ d.d. UstikolinaNO
Biona & Beyond d.o.o. SarajevoNO
Podrumi manastira Tvrdoš d.o.o. TrebinjeNO
Smrčak d.o.o. ZvornikNO
ELI BIO d.o.o. Gornji Vakuf-UskopljeNO
PRŠUTANA BURA d.o.o. LjubuškiNO

In addition to publishing the preliminary list of selected beneficiaries on UNDP and EU4agri web sites, as indicated in the public call Guidelines for Applicants, all applicants will be informed in writing about the results of the public call. In the aforementioned written notice, all applicants will receive individualized comments for the submitted applications.

The applicants may file a complaint on the results of the preliminary list, as described in the public call Guidelines for Applicants. The deadline for filing a complaint is 11 March 2022 at 17:00 o’clock. Complaints must be delivered in a sealed envelope by registered mail, courier or in person (signed and dated confirmation will be given to the person who personally submits the application) to the following address:

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

EU4AGRI Project


Zmaja od Bosne bb

71 000 Sarajevo

Complaints delivered by another means (e.g. by fax or e-mail) will not be taken into consideration.

The final ranking list will be published on the UNDP website http://www.ba.undp.org/ and on the project page https://eu4agri.ba/ as stated in the Guidelines for applicants after review of the Complaints Commission.