The principal role of the government is to provide enabling environment for a self-sustained development of the agri-food industry. With the widespread move towards market economies, policies must be harmonized across the country and aligned with the EU acquis.

Technical assistance will be defined to aim at strategic and coherent advancement of public systems in the sector, in line with institutional partners’ priorities and commitment. It will ensure synergies and complementarities among activities under this result, as well as offer a focused approach to comprehensively address targeted issues, as opposed to piecemeal, unrelated, ad-hoc activities in multiple areas where results may be marginal or not visible at all.

Technical assistance will enable grant investment package implementation, while engaging institutional partners and ensuring anchoring of relevant knowledge, skills and practices for result-oriented public policy delivery. Project will work on strengthening public advisory services and upgrading the agriculture information systems, which should contribute to wider availability and higher quality of services provided. Project will also offer support for policy and regulatory improvements in line with priorities for European Union accession.

The technical assistance will be delivered by EU and BiH experts, ultimately aiming to facilitate advancement of the information systems’ technological base, digital solutions, skills of public info system operators, as well as necessary technical procedures for data collection, storage, analysis, and exchange.

Technical assistance beneficiaries will include members of the inter-institutional working group steering policy dialogue on design and delivery of support measures in the sector. Attention will be paid to targeting a critical mass of institutional representatives, to ensure sustainable vesting of capacities within the system.

Direct beneficiaries of technical assistance include state, entity and Brčko District authorities, cantonal authorities, local governments and private sector.